Tezhar Rayendra Trastaronny Pastika Nugraha, Wing Wahyu Winarno, Hanif Al Fatta


The process of managing problems in academic information systems is important because the process is related to the provision of services to all academic activities. Although there has been a flow or business process in handling problems that arise in the academic information system SMKN 4 Yogyakarta, in solving these problems have not satisfied many parties. This is because in solving the problems that arise, each problem will be analyzed from the beginning to solving the problem. In addition, the problem solving also depends on particular individual skills. Thus it is necessary to measure the maturity level and formulation of recommendations of appropriate improvement recommendations on the service of academic information system at SMKN 4 Yogyakarta, especially on the problem management process. This measurement is conducted to find out how far the level of service provision of academic information system (as-is) and the service of academic information system that is expected (to-be) for the user, especially in problem management process. Measurements were made using the COBIT 5 framework on the problem management process (DS10). The medium used to perform the measurement is the questionnaire. The questionnaire addressed to the party responsible for the service of academic information system at SMKN 4 Yogyakarta. The findings of this study is the value of as-is maturity level in all attributes generally are at level 2 (Repeatable but Intuitive). To meet the conditions according to the level of maturity to-be at level 4 (managed and Measurable), then get recommendations in accordance with the conditions of the organization so that improvements can take place effectively. The compliance rate of the proposed recommendations was 94.44% (ninety four point four and four percent). The high level of conformity of recommendation because in formulating recommendation proposal not only refer to COBIT 5, but also by considering the condition of organization.

Keyword: Maturity, Cobit 5, Information System Analysis, SIA, Delivery and Support

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