Aswin Abbas, Arni Irhani Asmin


This research is aimed to find out the students response in using big story book project (BSBP) in teaching reading and their opinion about BSBP. The researcher will use descriptive method in order to find out the students response in using the big story book project (BSBP) in teaching reading comprehension. The instruments will be used in this research are questionnaire and think aloud data. The population of this research will be the fourth semester of English department students of Cokroaminoto Palopo University, which consists of 120 students. Cluster sampling technique will be used to take the sample. So, the researcher chooses class IV. F, where the sample is 30 students. The result from this research found that From 10 items in the questionnaire, consists of 5 positive statements and 5 negative statements, describes that most of the students gave positive response toward the use of BSBP in teaching reading to the students. Where, from think aloud data, the students write that the BSBP still needs to be revised, but good and helpful in learning reading as media. The other students give responses by write this BSBP motivate me to read and interesting.

Keyword: BSBP, Reading Comprehension.

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