Erfina ., Ema Utami, Andi Sunyoto


This study aims to analyze the information security of the management information system of Palopo Cokroaminoto University (SIMUNCP). The analysis was conducted by using PLAN-PDCA SNI Iso/Iec 27001:2009 model, which is begun by assessing completeness level measurement of information security form using SNI ISO/IEC 27001:2009 (ISO/IEC 27001:2005) standard, and then processing assesement at the maturity level of information security management process using CMMI (capability model for integration),then analyzin the gap of maturity level of imformation security,and finally doing risk priority,so that the risk and the conseguences that will be faced by UNCP,can beidentified,and also to figure out the which policy or procedure can beapplied by UNCP in improve the security of SIMUNCP clause maturity level is varied from 0-3 20 the lowest value is found in clause 5(security policy), which is 0 and the highest one is found in clause 14(business contimuity), which is 3 20 therefore the average of maturity level values of imformation security of SIMUNCP is 1,18 Based on the average of maturity level of imformation security of SIMUNCP,which is in level of 1,48 (initial/ad hoc), which means that SIMUNCP in doing activity concerning with imformation security, generally has known what problem to overcome,but there is no standard process in that activity, the approach applied is tent to be treated individually or per case, in another words, the approaching of imformation system process of SIMUNCP is inorganized while the gap value in every clause whith ideal maturity level value is varied between 1 8-5, which the highest maturity level gap value is 5, found in clause 5 (security policy) and the lowest one is found in clause 14 (business continuity management), which is 1,8 and general average gap value is 3,52.

Keyword: Information Security, ISO/IEC 27001, CMMI, Maturity Level

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